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Nowadays every larger project needs a digital 3D model. For design and realization of complex, non-standard geometry it is even necessity. It is the main source of information which share not even members of the design team, but also external professions. Members of Nefroida have many years of experience of model making for one of the highest, the most expensive and the most challenging buildings. In many cases we create own modelling and analytical tools, which assess the quality of the model and saves time.


There is perhaps never a good design that would not go through changes during the design process. In cases of complex constructions and forms every little change often leads to sleepless nights and jeopardizing of the deadline. However, those little changes can bring significant construction and operational savings. Here it pays off to think ahead and define the form, construction and geometry parametrically, so every change in the design is projected on automatic adjustments of each related component.